That Moment

Are you living in that moment? That moment where you thought you finally had life by the horns, yet lost it all at the same time? Like the time you were certain you were the one to be offered a promotion, or the time you knew you nailed that job interview, but received a “No Missed Calls” message on your phone. Well, you’re certainly not the only one, and you certainly won’t be the last.

We’ve all endured it—new college grads—the day we walked across the stage at our ceremony; contemplating a new job with new people and an inflated income.  Or, if your thoughts were similar to mine, you pictured a new car and a renovated apartment. It was all in my imagination of course.

This world—our world—is simply what we make it. You want a brand new car? Work for it. You want to become editor-in-chief for your favorite fashion magazine? Work for it. It sounds simple, but the process is simply problematic.

ImageWe sometimes forget we live on a planet with humans; unequal humans who are equally power and money hungry.  Some of which would never dare see an entry-level on the same floor they worked for years on. We wouldn’t call them “selfish” however, just an attribute of human nature. It’s how we have all been raised, and it’s how we will raise our children. Unless you know someone in your desired industry, you need to work your way up. It’s okay to start from the bottom. If you’re already working for a company, you already have your foot in the door.

If you’re a business major, get started in retail. If you’re an English major, get started in an office, and offer to write business documents. Similar to every childhood story, there has to be a tough beginning to reach the fairy tale ending.


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