Writing Challenge

From earth to air, from fire to water; mankind has only known these elements to be natural resources. For men thousands of years ago however, the sun was the powerful God who ignited these elements. Although it’s spoken of less and less today, some still believe this is true. It is promised that the sun is the fuel to our souls. The sun is the spirit that encourages our roses to bloom, and inspires us to be outdoors on a beautiful day.

ImageAfter another exhausted day of the sun in the sky, the sun slowly diminishes into a mirage, leaving traces of orange, pink, and blue, and allows a relieving, thin cool breeze to brush over us. The beauty is a reminder that we have only a few hours until she’ll be back, and that we must endure its absence to value its presence.

On the farthest east point where the sun’s rays will peak once again, the sun will rise. The sunrise signifies another day—a day to be thankful for waking up to see it. It’s a moment where you can calmly exhale because you have a fresh start with new challenges. It’s a moment to start life over. It’s a moment dedicated to you.


6 thoughts on “Writing Challenge

  1. Oh my, that is beautiful!!! Thank you for posting the link in your comment on mine so I could read yours. Your take on the sunrise truly brought a smile to my face. 🙂

      1. This was my first “Writing Challenge”. I think you did a great job. IMHO, it’s about writing and you being happy with your end result. I never really do the “Challenge” or the “monthly-blog-a-day” things. Of course, that probably means I’ll probably never end up on the “Freshly Pressed” list. :: shrugs ::

        Welcome to WordPress! 🙂

      2. Thank you, again! I wasn’t aware of the challenges until I read a couple, including yours! I thought I’d give it a shot. Is there a specific tag I should add, or just title it “Writing Challenge”? In the meantime, you should continue! It was really enjoyable.

      3. People make up challenege lists and “awards” to network. They aren’t official, but as Duch said they are a great way to practice writing and share ideas. 🙂

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