Time for You

There you are; five days a week, eight hours a day, nearly every week of the year. Not including the time it took to get there, the time it took to drop your children off at school or daycare, or the time it took to prepare meals to get you through the work week. You’re tediously performing the same duties you were taught months or years ago. You have errands to run and plans to make, but you push them off to the to the few free hours you have following the day or weekend, which is your only personal time. Time meant for you, time meant for relaxing at home, not worrying about deadlines or the same work to be performed the next morning. Time to put your feet up and lay your head back. Time to put your cell phone down and pull out the hot cocoa and a magazine. Time to leave your professional clothes on the dusted floor and leave your sweats and NFL T-shirt on.  Time to forget about recipes and order you favorite take out. Time to forget about time.